"The garage at 168 St. Mary's Avenue [left] was built by my great-grandfather, I was told. He died in 1920. The last time I passed it, it was still standing and looked the same as it did many years ago when the DeSantis Store was there. Old and original."  

         Rose Mary Pizzolo, 2018


"My house was built in 1925 along with its detached two-car garage.  My great aunt was the original owner of the house; her brother built the house for her. We still use the garage but need to give the clapboard a new paint job!"

           Paula West-Mejia, 2018


"My grandfather had a set of garages on Laurel Avenue in Stapleton. He used them to keep his horses when he ran a beer and liquor business 100 years ago. My father inherited them and rented some out to a man who stored his antique cars. Dad ended up selling them 40 years ago to help pay for my brother's medical school tuition. Just did a Google street view search (can't remember the exact address), and it looks like a set of 1980s-era row houses are now there."  

          Gregory Adamo, 2018

Grant City:

 "My home for many years on Greeley Avenue had a detached garage built in the early 20's that never held one of my cars, but several bikes, lawn movers, gardening equipment, re-mounted old kitchen cabinets and lots of memories."

           Geri Swanson, 2018

Grymes Hill:

"I grew up on Bertha Place off of Eddy Street. I remember a beautiful Victorian home owned by the Hogan family. It was the fifth house on the left side of the street, coming up from Eddy Street. Their garage was huge, had big doors and was detached.  I also remember that it had a block of stone at the curb that my mother said was for stepping up to enter a horse-drawn carriage."

          Alice de Stefano, 2018